C-Cheq Dealer | The app for all handover processes at car dealerships


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This app can be run separately as well as linked to a dealership's management system. (Currently Customer One, Brabender, Go, KIC. We will be happy to install other links when required)


Procedures/logs for servicing intervals, logistics handover, company/demonstration cars, rental cars, used-car trade-ins, ...


Transmitting reports to third party systems (e.g. Customer One) as a digitisation process.


Personalisation of input masks according to procedure and report type.

During development of the C-Cheq Dealer handover app, the Beresa dealership from Münster was our pilot client providing us with advice and assistance. From concept to practical testing, we were able to utilise the needs and information from this highly innovative car dealership.

Beresa Kunde

Raphael Kamender, Beresa

"Why get involved in an app for vehicle handovers and returns? Because from all the existing software solutions, none is currently available that covers all types of handover and returns in a car dealership. There's software that covers just a specific area but not the entirety of a car dealership. The goal was to find or develop software which is independent of existing systems and which includes and covers all car dealership variants (new cars, leasing returns, workshop vehicles, rental cars, etc.). Connectivity was particularly important to us during development. Users need to be able to enter data anywhere, quickly and easily.

Which processes are important to us? 1. A uniform standard for handovers throughout the entire company (22 locations); 2. Automatic archiving and updating of data for each process, and simultaneous and direct access by any employee; 3. Automatic linking to follow-on processes (car delivery, inventory teams, car rental desks etc); 4. A new damage function to record, forward and calculate any type of damage. In short, the software will save us lots of unnecessary steps, tasks, time and thinking.

We are really happy with the progress so far. The joint project with CX9 is being carried out highly professionally. New ideas are always welcomed and can be implemented very quickly. We have found the right partner in CX9 to develop the C-Cheq Dealer software and we look forward to making further progress!



Download from the IOS App Store Download from the Google Play Store


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May 2020

MindenGo - 100 days Carsharing in Minden.

Olaf Funk, operator of MindenGo Carsharing: “It was an excellent idea to offer carsharing as an alternative mobility option in Minden. In CX9 Systems we found the perfect partner regarding the very important technical requirements, such as the smartphone App and the vehicle telemetry. Secondary, we are able to administrate the carsharing and car rental in one system, which has a fundamental impact on our degree of fleet utilisation.“

Minden Go car sharing app

April 2020

C-Cheq App for vehicle handovers and returns – A modern success story

Within no time plenty of our Customers decided to use the App in order to benefit from the automated process as well as the improved damage management, to name only two advantages. The smartphone / tablet usage ratio is almost equal, but the tablet is about to take the lead. The significance of digitalisation increases day by day, in order to simplify the communication with the customer or make it even possible.

October 2019


#GreenRider We went along on the ClimateTour2018 with Thore Schölermann. An environmentally aware trip through east Westphalia on a StreetScooter from MK Autovermietung using CX9 Systems’ own carsharing app.

Streetscooter C-Rent

March 2018

C-Share – the latest product from CX9 opens the door to the future of online car reservations.

What only intrepid visionaries dared to dream just a few years ago has now become reality: the way the Internet is used has changed fundamentally. Ever since the smartphone became available, sporadic surfing on a PC has been superseded by uninterrupted Internet use by means of mobile end devices.

Companies need to respond to these changes, including ones in the car rental industry. CX9 has embraced the change, and will soon be extending its product range accordingly. Having already introduced our online reservation module, which allows our customers’ online reservations to be made by the end users straightforwardly and transparently, this service will be extended to reservations by smartphone in the future as well.

The “C-Share” app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, allows end customers to reserve vehicles of their own accord using their cell phone. And that’s not all. If the vehicle is equipped with the right kind of receiver unit, such as a Cloud Box, then the car can be unlocked by the customers themselves by sending a PIN. Furthermore, the customer can work their way through a checklist stored in the app in order to complete their own check-out, including reporting and documenting any damage. Once the checklist has been completed, then the customer can start their journey. The app is also used to check in, and to lock the vehicle. And full transparency is guaranteed at all times. The customer can view their previous rentals and reservations at any time.

C-Share will make it possible for car rental companies to respond to customers’ changing patterns of Internet usage in the future, and to continue to optimize internal processes. And this CX9 product can, of course, be customized to cater to your personal preferences and requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about C-Share, or are interested in purchasing it, please contact CX9.

February 2018

CX9 participates in the bfp Fuhrpark-FORUM 2018

On June 13 and 14, 2018, the bfp Fuhrpark-FORUM is being held for what is now the 17th time.

This event, which is held at the Nürburgring, is a very important occasion for the fleet industry, with more than 800 fleet managers meeting up for it.

CX9 and its products will, of course, be attending as well, and will be setting up a stand of our own there to showcase our products to an industry audience, comprised of corporate customers. We will be directing a particular focus on presenting our latest products, such as the smartphone app “C-Share”, which is used in the field of corporate carsharing, however those visitors who are interested will also be able to obtain information about our existing product portfolio. Mr. Norman Schwarzkopf will be available the entire time, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

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January 2018

Team grows to more than 30 employees

Now that the New Year has arrived, we are welcoming some new members to our team! In particular, we’ve increased the number of staff providing our support services. This will allow us to respond to and process all queries and concerns our customers have as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And it’s not just our support service which has grown. We have also welcomed new employees to project management and to our interface programming divisions.

Our team has now grown to more than 30 employees. And now the only headache that the size of our team is causing is that we soon won’t know where to find space for all the new colleagues…

December 2017

CX9 takes part in the trade fair Flotte! The Industry Event

On March 21 and 22, 2018, the trade fair Flotte! The Industry Event is being held in Düsseldorf.

This networking fair in Düsseldorf is a very important meeting place for fleet managers working in the fleet industry. CX9 and its products will, of course, be attending as well, and will be setting up a stand of our own there to showcase our products to an industry audience – comprised of corporate customers.

We will be directing a particular focus on presenting our latest products, such as the smartphone app “C-Share”, which is used in the field of corporate carsharing, however those visitors who are interested will also be able to obtain information about our existing product portfolio.

Please come and see us in Hall 8a, at stand F 26!

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June 2016

PORSCHE and C-Rent – a match made in heaven!

Porsche Drive is launching its own car rental service and website with online reservations, and in doing so relies on know-how and technology from CX9!

June 2015

In-house news:

Our growth spurt continues unabated, and we’ve now made it to two dozen… The entire top floor of our wonderful office building is now in our hands!

April 2014

Our C-Rent web was the topic of a presentation held at the “tekom Spring Conference 2014” in Augsburg!

tekom (the industry conference for ‘technical communication’) is organized for professionals working in the industry and at service providers that deal in technical communication. One of the 24 presentations held at the conference was about our C-Rent web module “Mobile Handover and Return of Rentals”! Our colleague, José-Luis Muňoz and Prof. Dr. Volkert Brosda from the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts were the expert speakers presenting the talk, which was titled “Web-app Development Needs the Right Technology Mix!”. And this is exactly what we’ve found!

tekom frühjahrstagung 2014